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Andrea Ahlfont, MSc.


Speech- & language therapist


I offer speech therapy advice, diagnostics and therapy for children, adolescents and adults in German, English and Swedish.

My focus lies in the following areas:

Children & teenagers

  • Language development delays (language development disorders)

  • Pronunciation disorders

  • Disorders of grammar, vocabulary and language comprehension

  • Bi- and multilinguality

  • Facial and oral motor disorders - orofacial dysfunctions and myofunctional disorders

  • Voice disorders - functional and organic

  • Therapy for VCD (Vocal Cord Dysfunction)

  • Stuttering and cluttering (disorders in the flow of speech)


  • Voice disorders - functional and organic

  • VCD (Vocal Cord Dysfunction)

  • Stuttering and cluttering (disorders in the flow of speech)

Focal points

About me

In my work, it is important to me to offer you an evidence-based, individual therapy program that makes sense for you. I accompany young and old to facilitate your communication and achieve personal goals. The focus is on fun, empathy and science.


I grew up in Vienna bilingually Swedish-German in a musical family, which sparked my interest in language, speaking and the voice. I completed my training as a speech therapist at the University of Lund, Sweden in 2017 with a Master of Science. Since then I have worked in two speech therapy outpatient clinics and a language education kindergarten. I have regularly trained myself in order to be able to offer my patients the best possible therapy. I have been nostrified in Austria since 2021.

Advanced training

  • Certificate: Palin Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Children under 7 who Stammer (Michael Palin Center)

  • Behavior Change Techniques and Speech Therapy (Speech Therapy Dornstauder)

  • Scientific afternoon on the topic of voice (Karolinska Institute)

  • Entry into cognitive behavioral therapy (Dalarna University, 7.5 ECTS)

  • 10th European Congress of Speech and Language Therapy (CPLOL, now ESLA)

  • Swedish National Congress of Speech Therapy 2018 (Swedish Speech Therapy Association)


Scientific work

Master's thesis on the topic of language development disorders (SES) in children: 

Views of Swedish speech therapists and speech therapy students regarding criteria for SES: a comparison with the CATALISE project.

  • Presentation of the work as part of the 50th anniversary of the speech therapy course at Lund University, 2021                                      

  • Winner of the Uppsatspris i Gunnar Bjuggrens era scholarship from the Swedish Speech Therapy Association, 2020                              

  • Presentation of work at the National Congress (NKL) organized by the Swedish Speech Therapy Association, 2018    


  • Presentation of the work at the European Congress (10th European Congress of Speech and Language Pathology) organized by CPLOL (now ESLA), 2018

  • Defense at Lund University, 2017

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