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Mum counseling

It's not easy for you as part of today's generation of mums: you try to juggle everything and perhaps lose sight of the most important thing: the connection to yourself and therefore to your child.


I would like to help you gain a new awareness and understanding of yourself, of your mum-ness, and work with you to find ways to explore new possibilities.


I am also happy to support you with relationship counselling and help you to better understand your child's behaviour. Because daily, recurring conflict situations are tiring and make everyday life difficult. If the focus is mainly on your child's seemingly destructive behaviour, growth is prevented and this puts a huge strain on your relationship. 


There are ways out of such situations and we can remember: "Our everyday life is their childhood".

Focal points

I am very happy to accompany you if you...

  • have the feeling that you can only function.

  • no longer feel yourself.

  • want to find peace and stability again.

  • no longer want to be a pawn of your emotions.

  • get into conflict situations with your child on a daily basis.

  • you think that your child is behaving conspicuously or destructively.

  • want to critically scrutinise your parenting patterns because you feel that conventional parenting models are not right for you and your child.

Our mum consultant

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