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Voice coaching​

The voice is our most important means of expression. Our acoustic business card can open ears – or close them. When it comes to good communication, it's not just the content that counts, but also the form.

Even the most substantial content must be beautifully packaged in order to be accepted. But how do you make listeners curious about your message?

If our speech expression and vocal technique support our content, we are more likely to reach our goal.

Whether in a meeting, listening to a podcast or in a yoga class - an authentic and rich voice captivates the listener. So what is important, can arrive.

This is important not only in the workplace - for lawyers, managers or educators. You also have clear advantages in your private life if you convey your message well acoustically.


I will help you to train your voice so that you are heard and it emphasizes your personality.​

Focal points


In individual training, we create a program together to make full use of your tonal repertoire. Topics can be...

  • a full and lively sound

  • clear pronunciation

  • speaking in a relaxed and effortless manner

  • correct breathing technique

  • accent training & standard sound (standard language)

  • presence and charisma


Voice training is also possible effectively in smaller or larger groups. In a personal conversation, we put together workshop components into a coherent whole, depending on your wishes. I pay attention to a coordinated mix of practical exercises, tips and theoretical background knowledge.

Our vocal coach


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