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Jo Russ


Mag. JoHanna R. Russ


0670 6575242

About me

In music therapy, I establish a safe(r) environment in which music serves as a tool for expression, communication, and introspection. Where it is hard to find words, creativity allows immediate expression, and musical interactions create dialogue - the foundation for our reflective conversations.
Music therapy is legally acknowledged as an independent form of therapy.

It is of importance to me to meet the unique realities and experiences of each client's life with mindfulness and on an equal footing. Nothing happens under pressure - collaboratively we explore musical and creative possibilities to access and (re)engage with personal emotions.

My professional focus is on supporting adolescents and adults in a variety of contexts (including therapeutic, educational, and artistic). I am proficient in conducting both individual and group sessions, in the languages of German and English. 

Focus areas

Challenges in Professional Life

If you wish for support...

                ... during transitions across various life stages (e.g. from school to career)

                ... to reflect on your role and recurring dynamics within teams and social groups

If you increasingly find your profession...

                ... to be a source of stress

                ... associated with difficulties to concentrate or writer's block

Professional musicians who experience...

                ... muscular tension or pain while playing an instrument

                ... mental challenges while performing on stage


                ... your personal strenghts and abilities

                ... self-initiative

                ... future-oriented perspectives

Life Realities and Social Positioning

Processing experiences of exclusion, social marginalization or discrimination

If you are looking for support...

                ... in navigating daily life with:

                                - neurodiversity (autism-spectrum)

                                - high sensitivity

                                - high intellect

                ... regarding issues related to an equitable, feminist and queer inclusive way of living

Empowering through new ways of self-expression


Physical and Psychosomatic Well-being    

If you find yourself experiencing...

                ... recurring thoughts accompanied by feelings of:

                                - overwhelm and exhaustion

                                - anxiety

                ... repeated psychosomatic symptoms, such as:

                                - sleep difficulties (Problems with falling or staying asleep)

                                - migraines or chronic pain

                                - gastrointestinal disturbances

                                - issues related to the connection between eating habits and emotions 

                                   (ongoing support after clinical treatment for eating disorders)


                ... relaxation and self-care 

                ... lightness and joy in life         

Professional Experience

  • Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Bachelor's degree in Education Science from the University of Vienna, Studies in Composing

  • Music therapy experience in various clinical settings (as part of the studies), including child and adolescent psychiatry, adult psychosomatic setting, and neurology.

  • Established a collaboration between the Institute for Music Therapy and the Queer Base Vienna.

  • Participated in the participatory research project "My Tune: Music Therapy from Our Perspectives" at the Vienna Center for Music Therapy Research. In this project, adolescents, their relatives, and music therapists worked together on evaluating music therapy processes - with a focus on the perspectives of the adolescents.

  • Regular Speaker engagements for WienXtra.

  • Co-founder of the workgroup: "Socio-critical Perspectives in Music Therapy" at the association of professional music therapists.

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