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Eva Penz

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Family counselor with a focus on

on mum counseling


The following training and further education programmes have shaped me:


  • Psychosocial family counseling (familylab, Jesper Juul)

  • Systemic constellations (Franz Podek, Lisa Wallner)

  • Understanding children better (Katia Saalfrank)

  • Integral Coaching (United Creations)

  • Non-violent communication (according to Marshall Rosenberg)

  • Qualified social worker


I look forward to getting to know you!


Training & education

About me

I am a family counsellor according to Jesper Juul's core values with a focus on mum counseling, Familylab seminar leader & trainer, coach and social worker.

I am married and mum to a son (born 2012) and a daughter (born 2017).

I have been working enthusiastically with mums, families and individual dynamics for over 10 years.


Time and time again, I have found that you can only support your child well if you are in your own strength - giving them the space and freedom to grow up healthy, strong and self-effective.


You can find more information at:

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