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Coaching for children and young people

Switching to a new type of school, problems with a school subject, stress with classmates, high pressure to perform ... there are many reasons why children and young people experience their everyday lives as stressful. When the pressure becomes too great, many children and young people react with self-doubt, lack of motivation and learning blocks. They close themselves off or are permanently overstimulated. Everyday family life is often exhausting for everyone involved.

This is where coaching creates a safe and trusting framework and supports your child in regaining their strength and assuming personal responsibility.

Focal points


Many effective and varied exercises on important topics such as


  • finding your own motivation

  •  trusting in your own abilities 

  • staying calm, even when things are stressful

  • being able to concentrate better

  • dealing with strong feelings

  • manage conflicts and problem situations constructively



Find out how coaching works here.

Our children- & youth coach


Likeª phelp. Evelyn Hofbauer-Pechloff

Children and youth coach

Mental trainer for children and young people

Specialist trainer for resilience

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