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 Osteopathy is an independent, holistic form of medicine in which diagnosis and treatment are carried out with the hands. Osteopathy gets to the bottom of the causes of complaints and treats people in their entirety. Health in the sense of osteopathy is a dynamic balance of a person's physical, mental and emotional forces in his socio-economic, biographical and cultural environment. If the osteopath succeeds in improving the movement and elasticity of the tissues in functional interaction, a basic prerequisite for a healthy life succeeds. 


Improving tissue care is the decisive goal of a treatment. The improved care enables self-organization and sustainable recovery. 

Focal points


Melanie provides supports with following topics:

Pain in the musculoskeletal system, tension, jaw pain and or movement restrictions, breathing difficulties, pain in the joints or spine, recurring tension, postural damage, tightness, pelvic misalignment, shoulder pain, movement restrictions, after accidents and operations, scars, trauma, pregnancy, desire to have children, pain during penetration, incontinence, PMS, cycle symptoms, menopause, long-Covid, tinnitus, migraine, headache, digestive complaints, dietary change, weight change, immune system, nervous system, stress, burnout, sleep disorders, sinusitis, dizziness, paresthesia, bladder

Our Osteopath

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